June 17th, 2008


They bite!

General reference / note to self:

Do not lean on or stand near the wall by the northside bus way at Inman Park / Reynoldstown MARTA station. It's crawling with little, tiny, biting ants. Who cling to you for hours delivering further tiny yet irritating little bites. Warning possibly extends to nearby benches as well.

Empty office

You know the office really IS a ghost town when you send out a going-out-of-town reminder to 20 people and get 6 out-of-office emails in return. And I think two additional people are out and just didn't set up reminders. Sheesh! This wouldn't be a annoying except all the regular back-ups for my job duties are gone, so I've had to set up back-up back-ups and put together training materials and cheat sheets. Ah, well. They *should* know how to do things!
Smiley Dorothy

Site Redesign: Tom Haney

My longstanding client and neighbor Tom Haney's had me re-do his web site. Been doing it over the past couple of weeks, trying to get it done before I leave town and yay, I've done it! The design aesthetic actually came from Tom but the execution (esp. all the movies) was Metro Girl in action. I think it's pretty nifty.


Tom's work is totally unique, so far as I know, and his latest stuff is amazing. Click on the movie links for the four new works posted. If you're in Atlanta and want to see them in person, Tom's got a gallery show come this fall. Also, for all his past work, go here.