June 19th, 2008

ice cream

New Hair

During my lunch hour I ran into Supercuts over in Emory Village. I actually got a very satisfactory haircut for $15. I love love love my regular stylist but he now charges like $65 and on my budget that isn't happening. So, Supercuts it is. And every 13th haircut is free! Meanwhile here's a pic I took on the walk back to the office. It actually looks better in real life, but at least you can see that the black is all gone now and I'm left with a mix of a couple shades of reddish brown and -- gasp! -- my real color, too.

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Dump the Pump

Even if tomorrow won't work for you, think about it another day. Although frankly, I think the cost of gas is only one of about a dozen reasons Americans (at least urban ones who don't live in, say, Montana) need to pry themselves away from their personal vehicles.


Third Annual National Dump the Pump Day to be Held June 19 -- Take Public Transportation and Beat the High Cost of Gas

Media Advisory

June 12, 2008

APTA contact:
Virginia Miller, (202) 496-4816, vmiller@apta.com

(Download In Adobe PDF format)

On June 19, people across the country will “dump the pump” and ride public transportation on the Third Annual Dump the Pump Day. This event is sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and more than 100 public transportation systems will be participating nationwide.

The 2008 National Dump the Pump Day is a public awareness day that emphasizes how public transportation is the quickest way to beat high gas prices and it encourages people to ride a bus or train instead of driving a car. This national day also highlights public transportation as an important travel option that helps combat climate change.

More than 100 public transportation systems are participating in “dump the pump” activities this year. Some public transit systems are having public events with drawings for free transit passes and other prizes, while other systems are offering free or reduced rides, doing radio promotions, and providing “transit ambassadors” to help new riders.
Happy Wen

Good Day

Today was a good day. And not just in comparison to yesterday. Went to work and managed to sail through the hours.

Good Things Today

1. Wore a really nice outfit. Received many compliments, esp. on the red fishnets.

2. Got a lot of work done, despite being tired and wrung up from yesterday.

3. Had a nice conversation with co-worker Robin. As usual!

4. Had yummy lunch.

5. Got nice, cheap haircut.

6. Watched the Daily Show online and nearly fell out of my chart laughing at a joke about Dubya and a monkey's paw.

7. Went grocery shopping, got some basic foodstuffs.

8. After leaving store, noticed huge gaffe on bill and got $17 refunded.

9. It's a beautiful day.

10. Daniel and I are, so we said yesterday, going to see E.T. at Screen on the Green, which is at Centennial Olympic Park this year.