June 21st, 2008

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It's true we're NOT in London, but...

After the disaster of earlier this week, Caleb and I have been trying to make the best of things and take any and all opportunities to relax, have fun and indulge.

We've both been doing this Thursday and Friday but today we had a whole day free so we went all out and decided to do a kind of day filled with European-style delights.

First, this morning I served up a full German breakfast, including Brotchen (rolls) I baked last night, cheese, tomatoes, cold cuts (vegan), coffee, fruit, jams, berries and sundries. We all relaxed and must've hung out for an hour after breakfast.

After a break of a couple of hours (naptime!) we then went out cruising, which isn't very European, but hey. First stop was the ALDI out on Memorial Drive. For those who don't know ALDI, it's a German discount food chain where you can pick up amazing bargains, even on gourmet stuff, because it's all store brands or stuff they buy in bulk. I spent a mere $16 for a huge stretch-mesh bag full of food, including extra virgin olive oil ($3.99 but totally fine), buttermilk, pasta, canned tomato sauce, a giant thing of oatmeal and more. All kinds of staple foods, but ultra cheap. (nervouscricket, I highly recommend!)

Across the street from ALDI is one of Atlanta's several Value Village locations. It's like Salvation Army only it's not a charity. Honestly, I haven't ever really had great luck finding clothes there, but lots of friends of mine swear by it. I found a bunch of things I liked but eh, I don't need to be spending money on clothes. Daniel got some more blouses, which he's altering in couture-wear, and Caleb found nice wineglasses.

We closed things out by going to the Whole Foods on Ponce. Normally it's not a very Euro place (our location is more earthy-crunchy than gourmet, unlike some other WFs I've been to) but today we discovered they have finally added German food to the "ethnic" food section. Too bad the exchange rate has made Rote Gruetze (a sort of sour berry compote you put in yogurt) so expensive. I also saw sauerkraut in a bag, which I may try. Got a slice of pizza there for lunch from a pizza cooker who reminded me of Storm's husband Jim and as such, was cute. My cashier was also very cute, in a goofy sort of way. I think I must've stared at him too long because he started fumbling my stuff. I so seldom see anybody worth looking at, I must not be artful enough.

Since then I've been home indulging in Animal Planet shows, crosswords and cuddling the cat.
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Judy Judy Judy

Wikipedia's feature article for tomorrow (they're on GMT) is Judy Garland, who died 40 years ago. Nice. I wonder if my mom's Judy Garland habits made me gay. *snerk* I certainly grew up with Judy in the house in all kinds of forms -- albums, movies, stuff on TV. A few years ago I got one of the DVDs in the Judy Garland Show set and wow, you see her trying so, so hard to make things work. But the network pulled the plug on her. In tribute, I offer Judy doing "Get Happy" in Summer Stock:
Ah, and yes, this means it is also 40 years since the Stonewall Riots.