June 22nd, 2008


Um, wait... WHAT?!

So I click on this CNN.com story about footage of Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable going for $60K at auction. Pretty standard stuff, talking about the sale and then some other items that sold. Then at the very end, it takes a left turn:

Anna Nicole Smith's former boyfriend Larry Birkhead attended the auction and spent nearly $3,000 on lingerie once worn by the late Playboy playmate. Birkhead said he was picking up mementos for the couple's 1-year-old daughter, Dannielynn.

I am now imagining the future father-daughter conversation and it's making my headache worse.
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Interests Meme

Comment and I'll list 7 interests from your profile in a reply. Then you do an entry/comment about what they mean and why you are interested in them.

Interests picked for me by rebness:

Tit Wrench
Probably my favorite band in college, this obscure industrial / punk bank from Chula Vista, CA, produced some amazing albums, singles and EPs, filled with music unlike anything else I've heard. I can't even really describe it except to say that it's funny, it's political, it's really catchy. One of my fav songs of theirs is "Life Sucks, Do Me" and "Pit Bull with AIDS" (don't ask). Sadly the group broke up years ago and/or members drifted into other things. Too bad because so much of their music commented on the Gulf War, racism, immigration and corrupt politics -- they would have a field day in today's world.

The Beatles
I don't think I need to say why I love them, do I? A huge obsession of mine since around the age of 13. I love both early and late Beatles. One of my fav Beatles albums is actually Beatles Live at the BBC, which is a double-CD of performances they did for the radio. A lot of the songs are covers they never recorded on their own albums but which are great. Of their actual albums, I think Revolver is better than Sgt. Pepper, which has a couple of off-moments. Love the White Album and Abbey Road is genius. But as I said, love the early stuff, too. My fav Beatles film is Yellow Submarine :)

City Planning
I'm sure I had no clue what this was until I met Caleb but since that was 15 years ago, I feel I've earned an unofficial degree in this. I know way more than the average layperson and have been paid to staff public planning workshops, since I can handle it as well as actual planners. I think it's a fascinating area that touches on pretty much all aspects of everyone's life, no matter where you live.

Greta Garbo
Best looking actress of all time and wonderful to watch in films. A couple of years ago my mom got me a huge Garbo DVD box set and I've watched (or retwatched) all her stuff. It's true that 8/10 of her roles are the same but I guess it's understandable. I mean, Garbo could never (esp. in a sound movie) be cast as the "girl next door" or a housewife or something. She could be the spy, the seducer, the heiress.

I think this is on my interests lists only because it takes up so much of my life.

Alien Sex
Anybody who knows my reading habits knows what a fondness I have for sci fi or fantasy involving sex, esp. alien sex, alien mating, alien procreation. For example, one of my fav books is Octavia Butler's Lilith's Brood trilogy and I'm also a big fan of Alien Nation. And the novel I started five years ago is totally about alien sex and procreation.

Nordic Folk
Got turned on to this in college and have continued to enjoy groups like Hedningarna and other Scandinavian groups with the Northside label. The stuff is folk music, but not boring folk music, but really dynamic with amazing vocals, rhythms, native/medieval instruments, etc. I have 7-8 albums worth of it on my iTunes and several CDs I've never burned.