June 27th, 2008

Thin, Exercise, Serious

Writer's Block: The Bad Habit

Talk about a habit that you just cannot break.

Hmmm. Since the cognitive behavioral therapy, I've come to realize that there aren't really any habits that aren't breakable. If you "can't" break it, it's like you've got a habit of saying you can't. I find it easier and easier to do things I should do and that I want to do, and not to do things I shouldn't. It's a discipline thing I never had before. Not that I can't go all self-indulgent every now and then, but overall, I feel like I have greatly improved my ability to say "No, I do NOT have to screw up [my diet, keeping the house clean, client business], it's NOT inevitable, just do the right thing!"

That said, put a bag of black licorice in front of me and my brain can come up with some pretty elaborate excuses! LOL.