July 1st, 2008


Guns, guns and more guns

So the Georgia Legislature just passed a bill OK'ing people to tote guns in restaurants, state parks and public transportation. All right, legislators, I feel safer already! Especially since, as I recall, this bill specifically OK's concealed guns. But you have to have a license, so it's OK, right? In fact, this is how MARTA plans to deal: "MARTA police will issue citations for anyone found carrying a firearm without a permit, and will also confiscate the weapon."

My one remaining insecurity is that people still can't bring their guns to the airport. But one brave legislator is planning a challenge to this law. I totally hope he wins his suit! Um, not.

Writer's Block: Home is...

Where do you call home?

Massachusetts. I haven't lived there since 1996 but when somebody asks me where I'm from I never say Atlanta. Instead I say, "I live in Atlanta" or "I live in Georgia." With or without the italics. Inevitably people rephrase the question as "No, where are you really from?" (And if I then say Massachusetts, half the people then rephrase with "No, before that!" and go on to tell me they know I must be from Germany, because it is so obvious to them.) But seriously, I really do consider Massachusetts my home, in my heart. That influence is ingrained very deeply into me.

Now for practical purpose, home is the condo in Downtown Atlanta where I've lived for seven years now. And I've lived in that same neighborhood for ten years. That is "home" in a practical sense. When I see chewed up fried chicken carcasses, smell homeless people and hear squealing buses, I know I'm home. And yeah, when I have people saying hi to me and calling me by my name every half a block, see pretty early 20th century buildings and encounter dogs who know how to use elevators, I know I'm home too.
climate change


Shameless stolen from a graphic on Slate.

I've also added two other environmental icons.

Really want to use the gas one after a couple of pieces I heard on NPR today. BUT I may or may not write about that.

Golden Compass

Just put a note in Books iRead on Facebook (here I am), pasting here:

The Golden Compass

3 Stars
Maybe it was all the hype I got from friends who'd read it and recommended it, but it seems over-rated. Gets off to a slow start and doesn't really pick up and become a page-turner until Lyra falls through the ceiling and is in real danger. However, at that point I started to have a hard time suspending my disbelief over the fact that this 11-year-old can understand what's going on, be that clever, and have the conversations she's having. It's all too perfect. Still, I must admit that I have already put a reserve on the second book from the library, because I want to know what happens, so in that respect it's successful.