July 4th, 2008

Happy Face

The Answer to Yesterday's Puzzler

Well, I will now reveal why my central air hasn't been working:

The system had power and clean filters, but what it didn't have is a thermostat set to the correct time. I kept finding that it would only work at night but figured it was just because during the heat of the day, it got overwhelmed.

But no, it was because the thermostat, which automates the air, was set to the wrong time. It had been working fine but a couple of weeks ago, my building had a system-wide air problem, which as usual I fought by switching off the fuse and turning the thermostat on and off. This usually works. And maybe it did, but all that switching on and off eventually messed up the thermostat's time function, because like an electric clock, loss of power leads to reset.

So yesterday morning I was staring at the thing, putting together a report to the air repair guy, when I noticed the time said 11 p.m. But it was like 8 a.m. in reality. I went and reset the time and, well, now it's working. It's mostly set to 80 but 78 in the morning and evening when I'm home and awake. But before it was set to shut off or something during the night and it thought it was night during the day.


And thanks for your guesses.