July 5th, 2008


Fur! Everywhere!

I was petting Luckie just now and suddenly realized I haven't brushed her in months. I pet and rub and rough house her all the time, but I haven't been brushing her. I just... forgot I guess! So I just did and got out 3-4 cups worth of fur. Looks like mostly all undercoat. Poor baby still had that all in. She must've been so hot. I brushed and brushed until she finally got annoyed and started biting me on the wrist. I could make some nice yarn now if I wanted to...
ice cream


Today I made:

a quart of yogurt;
a large loaf of caraway & flax seed bread;
and chocolate mousse!

I am most proud of the bread. I had a test taste once it had cooled and it's perfect.