July 10th, 2008

ice cream

Writer's Block: If I Had A Restaurant... or Hotel

If you started a restaurant, what would it serve, what would it look like and what would you name it? You have an unlimited budget.

Like versailles_rose, I'd prefer setting up an English-style tearoom versus doing something fancier or more extravagant. The tearoom would likely be done in a 1930s theme, Art Deco but with some softness and frill. Besides tea, there would be scones, biscuits, finger sandwiches, light salads, and non-tea beverages like cordials. Besides being an eating place, I'd also like it to be a shop for antiques (esp. 30s/40s), vintage candy and books. Music would be time period appropriate; movie sound tracks, Big Band, pop music, vintage newscasts. It'd be fab. Name? Maybe Those Were the Days?

In actual fact, Caleb and I have many times discussed the pie-in-the-sky idea of opening up, somewhere in the States, a small German-style hotel with ground-floor restaurant. It would likely be townhouse-style, with 4-5 floors, just a dozen rooms total. The restaurant would serve hotel patrons breakfast (German breakfast!) and during the day and evening it would be open to all for simple fare like coffee, sandwiches, and pastries. At night it would be a bar, of course. For room decor, it would be very modern, very German, and probably all from IKEA. We wouldn't want a whiff of American-ness to penetrate, so we'd get imported doors with those handle-knobs, those futon-like mattresses, cotton "duvet" covers in 1970s color schemes, every clock, glass, mirror, light, and stick of furniture efficient, modular, stylish. The TVs would of course have all the Euro stations, including MTV Germany, if we could get that. The restaurant/bar would be a bit different, as we'd try to give it some of that dated 70's/80's style all German hotel restaurants seem to have, even if they're brand new. Like weird lights that remind me of the Brady Bunch, orange place mats, glass blocks, and concept art. Between Galleria Kaufhof and vintage shops, we could get it all. Of course we'd have to go to Germany to do research and buying, but hey, business expense! And the name? Hotel Metropolis, likely.

P.S. My LJ icon here, one of my oldest, is me enjoying Eis (ice cream) and Apfelschorle (sparkling apple juice) at a cafe in Trier, Germany. Where we stayed at a hotel with an amazingly dowdy 70s hotel restaurant. I should hunt for pictures of Hotel Constantin...

Deepest Sender Test

So I went nuts after upgrading to Firefox 3, grabbing like 10 Add-ons, including this one for blogs. Nice one. I got another one that does macros for the browser, so I can automate repetitious tasks. Man, that'll save some serious time. Or waste it. Never can tell. Anyway, just testing this posting tool.