July 13th, 2008


It's Raining, It's Pouring...

...and has been all morning!

It's fantastic. Lightning, thunder and non-stop rain. Raining so hard my local NPR station just lost its satellite feed and DirectTV is gone as well. Raining so hard that when I took a nap from 10 to 11, I was worried I'd slept all day, it was so dark out.

We had a huge storm Friday afternoon as well, serious enough all the electricity along Clifton Road by Emory went out. Which was a big deal since not only did all the traffic lights go out, but the CDC lost power. And their back-up generators failed, so the Level 4 biolabs went missing some of their fail-safes. CDC says there was no risk to anyone but, still. I guess this is what happens when you build a new facility during a time of drought and don't get adequate test scenarios.

Meanwhile we are still in the midst of drought that's gone on for years. I heard from a co-worker that we may actually get a normal amount of rainful for this month and supposedly Georgia will make up some of its overall rain deficit, but I'm skeptical. From what I understand it would have to rain like today for a couple of months straight to make up for how far under we are based on the past 2-3 years. Our lakes are empty, the streams are dry, the lawns are dead, the harvests are meager, and nobody is doing any landscaping.

I love the rain.

Sunday: Day of Nothing, Giant Vacuum Cleaner, Elizabeth

VERY relaxing day. I didn't go out at all, which is just as well, since it was raining all day. I mean, yes, I could have gone out somewhere or done something, but a good day at home doing pretty much nothing is so satisfying.

Things I did, none of which count as really doing anything:

- Cleaned counters and sink
- Emptied dishwasher
- Swept main room
- Took a shower
- Took 2 naps
- Watched Elizabeth
- Did 2-3 NYT Sunday crossword puzzles
- Gave the cat some serious rub-downs

One funny thing that happened was this afternoon around four, when I woke up from a nap and heard a strange noise. It sounded like some kind of construction noise, but it was unlike any I'd heard. It kind of sounded like really terrible hail or somebody throwing rocks at a wall. I look down onto Walton St. and didn't see anything. I put my ear up the window glass and heard it was obviously near but WTF was it? I had just given up guessing when I walked into the main room and spotted activity on the roof below. A crew has been working the past couple of weeks, but only on weekdays, and not on the rotunda -- where I spotted a guy with what must be the most powerful vacuum around, sucking up *gravel* from the roof. And *that* was the noise I'd heard: gravel getting sucked up and going down this big tube to I guess a truck out on Poplar Street. What a racket! He was done with it in a 1/2 hour though.

Oh, and re the film, Elizabeth, I have to say that while I was most impressed with the costumery, the acting and the painterly composition in the cinematography, the historical distortion was just too much for me. I can accept it that the film team is putting forward an "interpretation of personality" rather than putting history to film, but for me it just went too far. Especially the hit-you-over-the-head affair with Lord Robert. From the first scene, I was like "Oh, here's the Hollywood romance, poor Elizabeth, in love with Joseph Fiennes..." Barf. Didn't like him at all. But there were just so many things which, even without looking it up, I knew were wrong. Looking it up later didn't help, but only pointed out more liberties they'd taken. 3 stars overall.