July 20th, 2008

So Hot

Saturday in July

My AC isn't working, so unsurprisingly, I slept a lot today. What else is there to do when it's hot? It was around 86 inside and hotter outside. So I had a couple of long, dream-filled naps.

That said, I did: clean up around the kitchen, clean the piggies' cage, take care of Caleb's cat and plants, and watch a movie (Pelle the Conqueror).

Then at like 11:45 I went out with Daniel to help him put some air in his tires and go to to the Kroger on Ponce, a.k.a. "Murder Kroger." Man, that place was looking the most ghetto ever. The lights were off in the produce section and the dairy section, even though the store was open, and there were these muddy footprints in the natural foods aisle. And as usual I heard argumentative crackhead action.

Tomorrow Daniel and I are hopefully meeting up for breakfast at Alon's or somewhere. Yay. I hope to get some stuff done, work-wise, although the heat thing really cuts productivity. All I can really handle doing is lying on the bed with the fan on high.

The air repair man is coming Monday afternoon.
So Hot

88 and holding

88 and holding... inside.


It's gotta be cooler outside. So I hope anyway. Daniel and I are going to Alon's in 10 minutes.

I may take myself and my laptop to some kind of air-conditioned venue this afternoon. Like JavaMonkey or even a Barnes & Noble somewhere.

Because between the lethargy and the headaches (sleeping in heat always gives me headaches) I am pretty much useless.
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At JavaMonkey

Went down to the basement of my building to work. There wasn't any WiFi but I went through my Inbox and got it from 250 msgs to 25, by deleting or filing. And made a 3-page list of action items, largely based on those emails.

Then I had to actually work, which means Internet, so I up and went to Five Points, where I got a train to Decatur. Now I'm at JavaMonkey. Aside from the rather blah alternative playing and a pretentious conversation going on behind me, it's very nice. Have a sandwich and a cold caffeinated beverage.

Now, to work. Or at least, some hours of AC!

There and back again

Back from Decatur. Somehow even though the home temp is the same as when I left, it seems a bit more bearable. Maybe it was the walking outside in the 100 F temps that gave me some perspective. It's only 88 in here.

Got a TON of work done this afternoon. In addition to clearing out my Inbox pretty much entirely, I worked for 3 hours plus catching up on to do's -- web site updates, responses to clients, invoices, IP business, on and on. It feels so good to have that all taken care of.

Now that I've taken care of more business than I usually get done in at least a week, I'm going to spend the rest of the day dawdling: TV, maybe an on-demand movie on Netflix (Eraserhead is available), crosswords, who knows. But no more work.

Art Isn't Always Pretty

So I *did* watch Eraserhead, thanks to Netflix on Demand.

Man, why do I do this to myself? I mean, I love it, but I hate it. I just was making soup, cutting up artichokes, and of course it reminded me of the movie. Which is probably the most f'd up movie I've ever seen -- three times now.

Anyway, found this great synopsis of the movie on Wikipedia and would like to share, for those who haven't seen the movie, or who haven't seen it in a long time. Written down, it makes it sound more normal that it really is, but it's still pretty damn f'd up!

Collapse )

4/5 stars, IMHO. I recommend watching this along with The Short Films of David Lynch, which puts this in context with his other early works, which are just about as weird. But a lot of people might be happier sticking needles in their eyes than watching this.

Trivia point: Among Stanley Kubrick's favorite movies. Also impressed Mel Brooks, who subsequently hired Lynch to direct The Elephant Man. (I am still puzzling over THAT juxtaposition.) And George Lucas saw Eraserhead and proposed that Lynch direct Return of the Jedi. Lynch turned him down... a good thing, I think.
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