July 21st, 2008


Luckie's Twin

A week ago Caleb and Daniel told me there was a cat for adoption at a local Petsmart who was a Luckie clone, except a lot nicer. Saturday I was there and checked her out. Ha! She does in fact look just like Luckie when she was younger and smaller. She's a year old and not fully grown.


Very sweet, too. Alas, Luckie would probably assassinate her ;)
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More His Dark Materials

I'm now reading The Subtle Knife. Again, I think Pullman needs to study writing some more. The thing that bugs me the most? Inconsistent and/or non-conventional use of POV, like switching in the middle of a section with no break in between. Annoying even in fan fiction, several times more annoying when the author has penned quite a few books. But still, I must admit the book has me hooked despite myself and how annoying I find little Lyra.