July 22nd, 2008

So Hot

I repeat: Temps over 70 outside, or over 80 inside = bad

It was 100 today. The air was like fire -- Code Orange smog alert. And there's construction on campus, so there's lovely gas fumes flying around. Living HELL.

The office I share with two others is by far the stuffiest one on our floor, not because it's small but because something is obviously wrong with the vents or thermostat. We have a floor fan now but ugh, it's gross. People walk in to see one of us and are like "Whoah, I thought MY office was hot!"

Today though I told myself I'd be grateful, as it's even hotter her at home. Got home and even with all the blinds down, temp had reached 89. Got the air to work for 15 minutes, long enough to lower the temp a few degrees, but that was all I got. For the past 3 hours I've been working in my office with the fan aimed at my back. It's not really cooling, but at least it gives the illusion of air.

My air repair guy had to call off today's appointment. So I have one more night of this. At least.