July 23rd, 2008





God, 80* never felt so good. 80 and with actual, circulating air.

The air man, same guy who did a major overhaul on my sister this time last year, came in and identified some problems that were causing my system to conk out. It's a good unit, he said, and was working hard, but it had a ton of junk in the drain pipe and since it wouldn't drain right, the water pan would fill up and it'd turn off. Then it wouldn't work again until I'd turn off the unit, wait a couple of hours and turn it on again. Now it'll drain fine. Meanwhile we also replaced the filters, which I only replaced 3-4 months ago but which he said were "dead." I had an extra set already on hand, because I'd planned ahead. Need to order more. Filters-Now.com, here I come.

SO nice to have escape the hellish armpit that has been life in my place for the past month.

* I set the temp for 80 during the day when I'm out, 78 in the evenings and 80 again when I sleep. Or I sometimes just turn it off. I used to keep it lower, like 74, but you save a ton of money and carbon for every degree higher you keep it. And 80 works fine for me.
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