July 25th, 2008


Mommy, kill it, kill it!

This morning I caught Luckie tracking a little roach in the kitchen. (Roaches are a new problem, never seen them in 7 years in the unit.) I told her “Kill it! Kill it!” but she just get sort of watching it, tracking it around. So I squished with my shoe. And she patted it a couple of times, then ate it. With relish. She really is a good hunter but I’ve heard roaches extrude some kind of acid or something to defend themselves, so maybe she was waiting for me to make the actual kill. And then she ate it like a special cat treat.
video, dick in a box


Saw this headline spanning the Atlanta daily paper today and went, "Um, no SHIT!"

State delegation split over 'no-pork' pledge

I know what kind of pork they mean, but still... *eye roll*

I hope they can agree to a compromise and will eat more fried chicken.

WTF, Ben Stein?

OK, first it was Ben Stein and his batshit crazy pro-creationist BS. Now he is comparing Obama to Hitler and warning that OBAMA would wield power much like a fascist dictator. W T F ????? I mean... what?!


Oh, and I love this quote from Glenn Beck: "Well, yeah, you know what? I've been -- I've been saying that we're headed towards a Mussolini-style presidency forever."

Excuse me, but where have you been since 2000, Mr. Beck?

P.S. Trivia point: Icon is from Stazione Centrale, the main train station in Milan, which was built under Mussolini.
Yip Yips

Writer's Block: Being Another Creature

If you could be any creature, any mobile life form at all, which would it be and why?

I always say that if the "Intrinsic Nature" spell Nysander does in Luck in the Shadows were used on me, I'd be an emu. I just *am* an emu. With some dyed feathers and rhinestone bracelets and tacky eyeshadow. (Other animals that remind me of myself: ostrich, giraffe, macaw.)

Now if I could choose what to be, I think a blue whale, sperm whale or humpbacked whale would be awesome -- long as it came with superpowers to kill whalers or turn them to stone or something. Who wouldn't want to be the biggest animal on the planet, in the ocean, surrounded by friends and family?