July 26th, 2008

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Voice Post

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“Hey, I'm doing a voice take message cos I'm I'm checking out my new phone. I just cut my land line. So I decided that I wanted just a new mobile. What I have is like 3 or 4 years old and definitely has seen better days. So I got this new and improved and pretty awesome phone from T Mobile by the Shadow and I still haven't totally figured out but it has a really nice inter face, just putting in to. The only thing I've I've tried to figure out is the web access on it. I know it's there but I'm just having problems with it and the other thing is that it has this pop out keyboard which you can use but it confuses if you wanna like type in words that actually has like a keyboard like you know a regular computer keyboard and I'm so used to doing like the text numbers that I keep trying to like type stuff in like it's a text message but it's not. So I have to retrain my brain. Anyways this is just a test but I also found out it has a speaker which is exciting. I love speaker phones. Alright. Turn it on and call”

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