July 27th, 2008

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Phone Geekery

Well, I'm up far later than I intended, but I'm feeling accomplished and satisfied, so all is well.

Got a new phone today, a big upgrade to a fancy phone with Internet and email, and, argh! a Windows Mobile operating system. Jeezus. Fortunately for me, I am really patient and really persistent when I want to be, and after a few hours working on the multiple issues I encountered, it's all up and running. I had to install an upgrade of the phone's OS and do a cold reboot.

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And now that this is all behind me, I can go to bed. So glad it's over, or I would have had tech nightmares and woke up every 30 minutes obsessing over it. We geeks are prone to such things.
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A Star Is Born

Just finished watching A Star of Born (1954 version) and though I am a huge Judy Garland fan and she is indeed smashing in this, oddly I now find myself in love with James Mason. What a man!

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Caleb and I had a nice relaxing breakfast at Alon's this morning and since then I've had a nice relaxing day. He's gone off to South Carolina for work 'til Tuesday night so I kind of did the "Yay, doin' whatever I want today!" dance :)

That said, I spent a couple of hours cleaning the main room. Not that it was particularly messy, but there were crumbs and stuff all on the floor, counters and cabinets, and after spotting some baby roaches, I thought an ounce of prevention was called for. Took care of the dishwasher, went through all the food cabinets tossing things and repackaging into old bottles and yogurt containers (yay, reocycling) 'til it was all nice and organized, then mopped, swept, vacuumed, dusted.  Later I did some laundry, took out trash and made tidy.

But - alert the media - yeah, it wasn't like the room or my place was even a real mess. My place has been TIDY since early May. YES, THREE MONTHS! I just one day (after two days of "digging out") decided I was going on the wagon of cleanliness. Or at least the wagon of having navigable floors and furniture. The bed has been made every *single* day, shoes and clothes put away every night, nothing (nothing!) left on the kitchen counter... Yeah, pretty bizarre but really rewarding.

But back to today... Watched A Star Is Born, which was overlong but great. I prefer the second half over the first half, go figure. My fav scene was Judy doing the mini-performance of the "Around the World" number, just for her husband. A total delight. And as I posted earlier, I totally love James Mason. Of course he could be Quasimodo but with that voice, gah, man, I think I could squint. Sexiest voice like EVER.

Um? Anything else today? Oh, did bills, prepped some client payment (yay, cash), and about to do some work for Caleb's company. Last weekend I set up this PHP-powered online image survey for one of their upcoming projects. It's wicked cool and so much easier to set up and update, so I don't mind the several revisions there've been. Anyway, on to that, so afterward I can reward myself watching TV or doing crossword puzzles.

La la leisure!