July 30th, 2008

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More phone geekery

I admit I've been too busy with my new phone to post much over the past few days.

But YAY, I do have my phone working for me -- I've managed to install clients for Google Maps, Twitter (Quakk), RSS feeds (Newsgator), and LiveJournal. And yes, that's right, I now have a Twitter account -- userid wcdarling or real name Wendy Darling.

Got my mobile web set up to access a lot of useful web sites too -- Cliff Mobile (Emory shuttle locations in real time), MARTA (bookmarking bus schedule, whoo!), NY Times, CNN, AMC Atlantic Station 16 movie schedule, Facebook.

Meanwhile here at work I'm producing a whole set of podcasts for upload into our podcast feed as well as the soon-to-be-launched iTunes U Emory channel. I could blather about iTunes U now but I will spare you all.

Other news and minutia of late:

- Caleb back in town again after 2 days in S. Carolina working
- My place *still* clean after almost 3 months
- Did a quickie web site for Caleb's company last night
- Made yummy pumpkin soup for dinner yesterday
- Get to interview somebody for a job here on Friday

That is all.

OK, maybe there IS a point!

So for a while CNN has had this "tool" available on its web site that will take a CNN headline and allow you to create and order an actual T-shirt with the headline on it. You'll see the little T-shirt icon on the home page next to some headlines right now. Now I think this is rather bizarre, plus it's stealing a page from Weekly World News. But then I saw the icon next to this story and DUDE! that would indeed be a funny T-shirt.

Jesus' Face Seen in Kitten's Swirly Fur

Yes, you can click to preview.
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Yip Yips

Have you ever...? Meme

marchenland found this depressing but I enjoyed it. I definitely have done some random stuff. And re the "canoe trip over 2 days" question, I've gone on 2-week canoe trips. Srsly!

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I think you're supposed to added on to the list when you post. I did!
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