August 3rd, 2008



Watched this movie D-War on Sci Fi last night. It was so bad (and not "good bad") that I almost don't want to admit I watched it. It belongs on a list of train wrecks, not movies. The weird thing about this one was that obviously it wasn't cheap to make and there were some awesome special effects (it was an independent, not a cheezy Sci Fi Original) but the storyline, script, etc. were just utter CRAP. It made NO sense! Scenes jumped all over the place. This was a movie that made Immortel, a fav movie of mine which is non-sensical in a kind of avant-garde way, seem very well thought out and logical. And my biggest beef was how were these white kinds in LA involved with this Korean dragon legend? Never explained. It DOES however provide a good reason for this giant dragon snake thing to come tear apart LA!

But you don't have to take MY word for it -- here are some reviews...
- Onion AV Club
- Blog Critics Magazine

The second review ends with this terribly appropos quote:

"If you’ve never asked for a refund on a movie before, prepare to ask for one if you pay for this. Dragon Wars is a travesty, something that the Sci-Fi Channel would love to have for a short Saturday night run before retiring the print forever to a locked vault where no one else should ever be subjected to it. And no, it’s not worth $10 to see dragons munch on LA."
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Mom sent me a set of pics from the Revolutionary War reenactments taking in Sturbridge I think last weekend. This one of my dad in an encampment charms me.

Dad isn't wheelchair-bound, but he's learned that he gets on much better at Sturbridge if they borrow a wheelchair. Otherwise the walk around the place which is spread over several acres, is just too tiring.