August 5th, 2008


I brought this on myself, but... I really deserve to have been wakened at 4 a.m. by yowling... which has gone on continuously since? Sofie is the biggest moaner ever. Ugh. All night -- when I was awake -- the cats were fine, and apparently they both went to sleep for a few hours, but then at 4, MEOWWOWOWOWOWWWWWWAHHHHHH! All over the house.

After an hour I finally closed the bedroom door and made Sofie stay out there. Not that it helped. I put in earplugs and upped the air purifier to provide more white noise. No that it helped. Meanwhile the stomach/chest spasms I've had for a week stepped up and I had some kind of anxiety attack. I have now put Sofie in the bedroom half the house for the day and Luckie in the main room. They each have their litterbox, food and water. They do fight through the door, though! Ugh.

Surprisingly, it's Luckie who seems the least hostile of the two. She's just kind of been watching and will only hiss and growl if Sofie is closer than 3 ft. But Sofie is just stalking around everywhere growling and hissing, complete scary witch cat. I could totally record her and use her for a Halloween party soundtrack.

They do this again tonight, Sofie goes back to Caleb's. God, I don't remember Sofie being this bad before.

Ow ow ow ow

Still having the evil and scary chest/back spasms and nausea I've had for the past week. Sigh. I was at the hospital getting my allergy shot this morning so I dropped by my regular doctor's office to see if I could wangle an appt. I couldn't get one with my own doctor, alas, but managed one for Thursday with another Emory Clinic doc. I would be very surprised if whatever this is (pinched nerve? bruised rib? freaky heart thing? stress?) resolves itself by then. It's only really really bad at night. Right now it's just an ache by my left shoulderblade and some general tightness. Worst comes to worst, I *do* work immediately adjacent to a hospital!
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Separation Complete

Sofie is back at Caleb's. I think she and I agree: YAY! As soon as she was through the door, she sprawled across the floor. And once I put her food out, she ate a half a bowl. Meanwhile Luckie is presently snuffing at the back of my neck.

Update, 10:37 p.m.: Luckie is contentedly curled up in her shoebox.