August 6th, 2008



Been feeling a touch of depression lately. Maybe this is because I haven't seen my therapist since late May, since I'm switching doctor's and their office is also moving. I hope they call me soon and say they're ready to schedule again. I am doing a good job being able to talk myself mentally out of the state (did it last night), but gah, don't want to go on that road again!

Meanwhile not all is bad. Let's see --

Sofie back at Caleb's. Luckie is a happy cat.

Moving to WordPress. Installed & configured it myself.

My "tech blog" has launched, has 4-5 posts, and I will be posting it here soon.

My home AC is working splendidly. Good since it's disgusting out (100 deg. + smog).

Produced 11 1-hr. podcasts last week -- lecture in Emory Mini Medical School.

Produced 1 4-min. podcast today, about depression. (Ha ha.)

OH! And I just got tix to visit Mom & Dad in October. AirTran had RT $250 (incl. tax), yay.

Back to crappy things...

Still sick with WHATEVER I have. Have a doctor's appt. tomorrow. During the day it's a backache centered around my left shoulderblade, aches when I breathe. Also some indigestion. But at night the pain gets worse and I have these attacks in the middle of the night, painful spasms starting at the shoulderblade. Radiates all around, scary as hell. I think it could be anxiety, but I don't know if it's anxiety causing it or it's worse because it makes me anxious. I have no clue what I would be anxious about. My boss jokingly says pleuresy but that's unlikely.

Writer's Block: Loved Ones Afar

Do you miss anyone right now? What past experiences with this person, or these persons, make it easy for you to miss them?

My mom and dad. Which is why when Mom forwarded an AirTran deal to me the other day, I jumped on it. Bought tickets for mid-October, leaving Fri. morning, get back Mon. night. I like the area around Sturbridge and the leaves will be turning and or fallen and nicely creepy in that New England way. Maybe Mom and I can finish off our ancestry work so we can do a book for Christmas.