August 7th, 2008

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Internet Meme Timeline

OK, this is cool, esp. since often we lose track of time on the Internet...

Internet Memes Timeline*

* Zoom function gets you way more details.

For the record, I do not use "the interwebs," "the intarwebs," "teh," or other deliberate misspellings because I don't think they're cute, I think they're stupid. And I still do not get the "O RLY?" thing.
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Writer's Block: Less Than Idle Hands

Do you have any odd nervous habits?

Mainly I fidget like nobody's business. I contort myself. I use strange body language and hand gestures. I get this thing where my legs won't stop dancing around. I get squirmy like a 4-year-old girl in church.

Also, I pick at the skin by my thumbs. I clean my nails... with whatever is handy. I pace. In subway stations, I pace according to patterns I discern in the tiles. And I talk a lot under my breath.

Yeah, I'm the Crazy Lady.

P.S. Going to be at the doctor an hour from now.

Yet ANOTHER insane invastion of privacy!

Just got this email from the ACLU. What the HELL! Just pasting it in here with appropriate action link (repeated several times). Holy f*ck!

Traveling this summer? Kiss your privacy goodbye.

Planning a vacation? Thinking about traveling outside the country?

If you travel outside the United States, you can kiss your right to privacy, and perhaps your laptop, digital camera and cell phone, goodbye.

With no suspicion and no explanation, the U.S. government can seize your laptop, cell phone, or PDA as you enter the United States and download all your private information -- including your personal and business documents, emails, phone calls, and web history. The Department of Homeland Security confirms that this is the official policy.

Tell Congress: it’s time to rein in travel abuses by the Department of Homeland Security.

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