August 11th, 2008


9 in one blow

I feel a bit like that guy in the story, boasting about the flies, but hey, I just finished my third NYT Sunday crossword in a row today, and again, no look-ups. For about 95% I do 5-10 look-ups on most of them (I tic them off to keep count) but 5% I get lucky and get them all. Recently I have done two like that that involved symbols, numbers (4=for) or that thing where they put letter combos (like OWE) in one square as a theme. I was like "Wait, I figured that out on my own!" I just wrote Mom about this, so she can tell Dad. He always used to do the Times puzzles, like every day, and he will be so proud :)
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BTW, it is very difficult to not be very distracted by all the Georgia headlines, and not because of the content, just because it's, well, Georgia.

THAT Georgia.

I think they should write it out in Cyrillic to avoid confusion.
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