August 13th, 2008


Cat Pukage

So Caleb and I were watching Project Runway when this freakishly loud yowling yelp came out of the bathroom. "Um, what!" Then a few seconds later, there is was again. Luckie! I got up to check on her just as she was bolting for the bedroom. "She's puking," I deduced. During the next commercial break, I checked the bedroom, and sure enough, there was around half a cup of that special pate-like puke cats make. And just where I knew it would be, since for whatever reason she's done it right in one spot a few times. I'm going to give her some greens tonight and pick her some grass tomorrow. That'll make her feel better. Hey, and at least this time I didn't find a huge rubber band in the puke. If I leave one out, even the thick ones from asparagus or broccoli, she chews and swallows them for some reason.
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Wendy Radio

x-posted from my Metro Girl blog, edited in minor ways...

(Yes, this is the article I kept saying I was going to write, explaining my fascination with this concept...)

Over on my tech blog, Wendy's Words, I've written a review of thesixtyone, a cool new concept in online music. In short, it's like Digg, except with music. If that doesn't mean anything to you or if you are actually interested, read the article.

In the meantime, here's where to find my "station": A lot of electronica, industrial and weird dance, rife with sampling.

And here's the profile and songlist of one of my favorite mysixtyone groups, My Robot Friend.