August 16th, 2008


Zoo Atlanta

This weekend the local zoo is offering free admission to all City of Atlanta and/or Fulton County residents, so the boys and I went. Here's a pig, at the petting zoo, that reminded me of YinYang:


Never been to Zoo Atlanta before. All things considered, glad it was free, as it's kind of crappy. That's somewhat of an unfair assessment, since I grew up going to the Bronx Zoo, one of the top in the world, and have also been to zoos in Chicago, Calgary and other cities. In comparison Atlanta's zoo is cramped, sloppy, not kept up well, and primarily seems designed to sell concessions and trinkets. The animals seem kind of "secondary" there.

The coolest thing we got to see were the 3-mo.-old lion cubs. One of them got up and went to the mommy lion to get groomed. Awww. There were also some amazing vultures and exotic birds, like the kookaburras and Bali Mynahs. The pandas, as expected, were boring but worse, they had the most depressing, tiny habitat. Not as bad as the snapping turtle, who was basically living his life in a bathtub. We also saw naked mole rats, orangutans, orange tamarinds, giraffes, a Komodo dragon and more.

After a couple of hours, the screaming children and stupid parents started to grate on us -- just in time, since by then we'd seen just about everything. We walked back to the string up shops just north of Grant Park and had pizza. Sweet tea time!
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Edgewood: Bringing Back Memories

463K 2:35
“Well I'm walking down Edgewood Avenue to get to my friend David's restaurant and I'm actually standing at the intersection with my old work, oh actually 2 of my old works cos right now I'm by the ARC office, the place that fired me what about 2 years ago -- I think I'm coming up with my 2 year anniversary next week I been fired. And then a few blocks down is the market where I worked for about 5 months afterwards.

And I was thinking as I'm walking down Edgewood, at least this stretch of Edgewood, that when I walk it it's like just reminding me of this whole kind of really weird, kind of BAD really point in my life when I was depressed and kind of broke and was really out of it.

But I think actually the whole experience -- like a lot of things in life -- was crappy going through those things, but ultimately I know it helped me and it gave me direction. If I hadn't got fired and get unemployed and then like really depressed and desperate, you know would never have gotten like so depressed that I went and got help.

Which I did and as soon as I got help from myself, like literally the next week I got a job, a really good job. And since then things have improved at my job and my life and I don't know...

I think I could still be like really depressed and messed up and super stressed out working at ARC. You know I could have kept my job, but underlying it all, I really just could've stayed like a really messed up person.

So that was good anyway, and now I'm a couple of blocks down the street. Hopefully David place will have very good vegan pizza, which is what he promised me.”

Transcribed by: wiebke