August 21st, 2008

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I got distracted while looking at news on my phone this morning and when I saw this headline I took it for real, forgetting I'd just clicked on The Onion.

Michael Phelps Returns To His Tank At Sea World

"Michael seemed really excited to be back," said Bowman, adding that the male swimmer became playful upon entering his tank, breaching the water and sounding repeatedly. "He just started swimming freestyle and backstroke, and only stopped to slide belly first onto the tank's platform so he could be fed dozens of fried egg sandwiches."
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Nomi 2, Disgusted


All politicians suck. Or so it often seems. But yet some don't. So I got to thinking, who are my favorite politicians. Specifically, who are my favorite LIVING politicians? Here is a list. I'm not saying these folks are perfect human beings, but I think they're done some admirable things over the course of their careers.

Ted Kennedy (U.S. Sen., MA)
Bernie Sanders (US Sen., VT)
Patrick Leahy (US Sen., VT)
William Weld (ex-Gov., MA)
John Lewis (US Rep., GA)
Jimmy Carter (Ex Gov, GA, Ex US Pres.)
Richard Daley (Mayor, Chicago)
Michael Bloomberg (Mayor, NYC)
Bill Clinton (Ex Gov, AK, Ex US Pres.)
Al Gore (Ex US VP, Ex US Sen.)

And see, look, 3 Republicans! Of course they are liberal moderate Republicans. I thought it was such a shame that Weld got shoved out of politics for being too liberal re pot and gay rights. And whlie I don't admire Bloomberg's handling of the Rep. Nat'l Convention, his policies are so freakin' sensible and practical (like: windmill power, congestion pricing for Manhattan, etc.), I love it.
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Hugga Wugga

Watching Disc 3 of The Muppet Show, Season 1, and this had me dying...

Once I'm done with the whole season I will post some thoughts, but for now, have to say, worst guest star ever: Florence Henderson. Oh, noes!
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