August 22nd, 2008



Thanks to all the people who've sent me birthday wishes. I woke up today and there were about 20 messages from people. Yay!

Also my sister Carolyn and my mom and dad called. Carolyn always seems to remember my birthday, although she thought I was two years younger than I really am. ("Oh, that's because I don't feel as old as I am," she says.)

Caleb took me out for Thai in Decatur as my present. Plum wine! Shrimp! Coconut! And he also gave me a little bag of licorice. We also dropped by to watch a bit of Daniel's volleyball practice, in the gym at Agnes Scott. Caleb saw a ghost on the grounds and then we went to watch Most Haunted at my house.

Then while we were watching, terracinque called with bday greetings. Curiously, she sounded so much like my sister Nancy I was a little disoriented. (Of course, everybody says my sisters and I all have the same voice, rather low, so I guess I thought I was talking to myself, except with better diction?)

Now I'm feeling really tired and will likely brush my teeth and work on a crossword until my eyes cross and I drop off.