August 23rd, 2008



Yes, really. Boy kitten, named Ajax.


UPDATE: The box is now home. Little Ajax is still in, b/c the adoption agent said to let Luckie smell the box for an hour. She has and her first reaction was a rather feeble hiss. Ajax is meanwhile making very cute kitten noises. Can't wait to get him out and play. Now I'm going to set him up with his own special litter box since he just got neutered two days ago. Aw, honeypoo!
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As Kitty Smothers Me

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“Well, I'd like to talk about my kitten. I've been trying to take pictures of the new kitten but it's really hard cos he's one of this kittens doesn't want to be -- well it's actually in my face right now licking licking my nose. He just wants to be like as close to people as possible so every time I try take a picture it -- I swear to God he's in my mouth, hey, get out! Every time I try to take a picture, it just ends up with like this extreme close up and -- now he's licking the phone and he's very affectionate and hey, he's smothering me! Anyways he's very happy and well adjusted and he's even starting to get bored with the bird cos I think even the kitten is realizing he's not gonna get anywhere. So that's it and I will post pictures when I get something not blurry”

Transcribed by: wiebke