August 24th, 2008


Cat Update

I think I've figured out how to placate Luckie: Take a shower and thus wipe away all trace of The Other. Now that I've done that, she's stopped growling and is acting like her usual self, even rolling around in the shower stall and playing with Q-tips. Meanwhile little Other is I presume asleep in the other room. I say I presume because he stopped his adorable little mewling, which he did for around 15 minutes after I went in here. He was a sleepy boy so he's conked out someplace comfy. Full of energy in the morning, I'm sure.
ice cream

Cat and Cat

Updatery re the house cats:

Luckie and Ajax had a fight through the bedroom door while I was doing crosswords before bed. It was mostly Luckie hissing and batting at the door, with Ajax making confused barks on the other side.

Fears that Ajax would keep me up all night howling to get into the bedroom proved unfounded. He either slept and quietly amused himself all night or his little voice didn't penetrate, because I didn't wake up once.

In the morning I found the kitten asleep on top of the (covered) birdcage. Luckie loves doing that, too. That way a cat can catch the morning sun and enjoy symbolic victory over the bird.

Luckie is very calm and normal this morning. She's eating and drinking and pooping. Also walking around, which when she is upset she doesn't do. (When she's upset, she normally forces herself into some small enclosed space, stares daggers and hisses, emitting phenomenally bad breath.)

Must be sure Luckie doesn't see the kitten today, although over the next few days I'm supposed to introduce her to things he's touched, like a towel he's slept on, a toy he's chewed on, etc.

This morning Ajax was sleepy but ready to snuggle and play. He is the biggest snuggle-muffin! He seems like he's aiming to merge herself with my face, maybe crawl into my nose. He keeps pressing his whole body all over my face and licking my nose, forehead, lips, ears, cheeks. I bet it's good for my skin?

Like just about any kitten, Ajax is super playful. Luckie has a ton of those feather-on-a-string type toys and he loves them. I tired him out.

Ajax seems very fond of chewing... or maybe it's suckling? ... my fingers. He takes a finger between his two paws and goes at the finger. This is cute until he starts biting. His teeth are too sharp. So I think I will stop encouraging that.

Ajax loves his cat milk and the kitten food I got him. Yay.

Now that Luckie's in the same room as her automatic litter box, she keeps sitting there staring at it after each use. She is fascinated with the cleaning mechanism. She used to do this at its old location, running over to look each time it went off, but now (right now) she's sitting waiting for it to move. She hasn't attacked it yet.

Pell the bird has I guess already become "old" for Ajax. Well, he likes it as much as Luckie does but has already learned that he can't get it. So he watches with interest but has stopped the dive-bombing and climbing frenzy he launched initially.

Luckie is *still* staring at her litter box, waiting for it to go off...



Managed to still the wriggler for a long enough moment to photograph on my mobile-phone. He is so hard to photograph! I did get a few later on in the day, though, mostly when he was asleep, which I will post later. Tomorrow I will figure out how to turn on that "Animals and Children" mode. He is just too speedy!