August 26th, 2008


Mug Shot: Ajax

At the humane society on Saturday, Caleb took a picture of my new baby -- while I was filling out the paperwork you need to do just to handle them out of the cage. He was making his "Pleeeeeease take me home!" face.


Progress in Kittyland

I'm about to go to bed but want to post and say that Luckie and Ajax had their first real time together face to face tonight and it went much better than expected.

Mind you, Luckie was hissing and growling, but there was no fighting and I could tell she was so much less enraged than she gets around Sofie. I think the whole kitten + boy + docility thing is working in his favor. Luckie can actually tolerate him getting within a couple of feet without lashing out or running away. Closer than that, her paws come out, but then he just backs away and she sits back again.

So while I will continue to keep them separated for the most part (definitely when I'm out of the house), I'm going to foster limited contact. Like when I'm in the main room, I will keep the door open, either with the gate* I built or without (since Ajax is unlikely to go into the other room w/o me). And I will let Ajax come in the bedroom on supervised visits.

I am hopeful. At one point Luckie was glaring at Ajax, full of anxiety, and then all of a sudden kitty-boy flopped on his back and starting rolling around. Suddenly her body language totally relaxed. Did she realize that the puffball is not a threat?

* I built a gate using the same storage-cube squares the guinea pig cage is made of. It's 3x3. It worked great when I was in the main room and just wanted to keep the two cats separated, but once I was behind it and Ajax wanted IN, forget it. The kitten is apparently part monkey -- he climbed right up, easy as you pleased, about five times in a row. It was like a cargo net for him. Which is why I just decided to let him into the room.
sideview, obamame_sideview



These are the ones at CNN/GWCC/Georgia Dome station. I went through there today after work on the way to a meeting. I loved how the light was coming down.

Meanwhile the entire station was bringing me back to that incredible deleted scene from Escape to New York, which was, you guessed it, shot there. I would put the YouTube link here but it seems to have disappeared. Apparently they shot this whole intro scene set in the transit system of the future and it was all shot on MARTA.

P.S . It's taken me 10 min. to type this, with Ajax erasing half my words, pressing drop-down menus, right-clicking, typing... and now spilling a pile of receipts and tax stuff onto the floor. Oh, kittens!


Before I post pics from tonight's Luckie-Ajax encounter -- which went amazingly well again -- here are a bunch of OMG-Kitty! pics.

My laptop, it has a tail!

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He's getting easier to photograph as he stops darting around so much.

Progress Continues

I was really surprised by how well things went tonight. They had about an hour together. A lot of the time Ajax was only a foot or two away from Luckie and she was allowing it. She only swatted a couple of times and it was really just a swat, not at all the crazy sh*t she's pulled on me, the boys or Sofie. Most of the time, particularly when Ajax was there playing with toys, Luckie actually seemed sort of charmed. I can tell she is very much wanting to play with the toys herself but is only holding out. I'm guess she will eventually give in. Meanwhile, these pics tell a story!

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Right now I've put Ajax back in the main room so Luckie can have some quiet time. Actually very quiet, since she appears to have fallen asleep inside a drawer in my desk. And since I'm not talking, Ajax is being quiet and not moaning over by the door.

Alert the media!

Luckie and Ajax were just in the (duh, empty) bathtub together for like 5 min. Luckie went in first and then Ajax jumped on the edge. Hisses were no deterrant to him, he hopped right in next to her. Mr. Oblivious acted like she wasn't there. She only swatted once, when Ajax was practically touching her. Whatever.