August 28th, 2008

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As seen in Atlanta barbershops...

As seen in Atlanta barbershops...

This one is actually at Cut Factory, which is basically at the entrance to my building. There's another barbershop up the street with the same poster, so I'm guessing they are everywhere. I'll check the other two barbershops on my block... and the one on the block over. Yes, there are a LOT of black barbershops in my zip code. (In fact I've had my hair done at a couple of them. By lady barbers.)

Cat Question

OK, so I'm wondering:

How do I get Ajax to eat HIS food and not Luckie's food? Or should I say, eat only his food and NOT Luckie's food as well. So far the only way I can get him to eat his food is leave it out during the day while he's locked in the main room and that's the only option. He gets 1/4 cup kitten food in the morning and another 1/4 cup in the vening. Meanwhile this is when Luckie has a chance at her food. But then in the evening when he's allowed into the bedroom, he's eating whatever food is left in her bowl.

Once I stop "splitting" my place with two litterboxes, two food and water areas, etc., I need to figure out what to do. Ajax is supposed to have kitten food but he gulps down the big cat food. I mean, I would too probably. Just wondering, does it matter? Do I only put food out at certain times? Or what? Prior to this I've always had food out for Luckie all the time and she would take like 2-3 days to go through a small bowl, b/c she's not a big eater.