August 29th, 2008

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Um, that was scary

SO glad I didn't go to work earlier today, as I'd planned, since right around when I would've been leaving, one of the light bulbs in the main bathroom started to flicker. Then it went out. I was irritated, because it's one of those expensive new low-energy bulbs that's supposed to last for like 10 years. It's maybe 6 mo. old. (Although I was wondering if it was the house ghost doing it.)

Anyway, it went out and I went to do something else. Ten minutes later, I walk back in to take my medicine and smell something. Smoke. Burning plastic. And I look up and the fixture for the bulb is smoldering. I turn off the whole fixture (there are two bulbs) and watch it continue to smolder.

After a minute the smoke thins out and the bulb is cool enough for me to unscrew. Lo and behold, the base of the bulb has *melted* and is brownish black. Yikes! That would totally have kept going and turned into a fire. As a precaution, I've kept the fixture off in case the other bulb has any inclination to commit suicide as well.

I wonder, should I call GE about this or what?!
sideview, obamame_sideview

Voice Post

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“Well I am making a voice post from the floor of the Art show here at Dragicon(?). I have been on shift for 3 and a half hrs. And I have said I wish we had thought this whole standing up for 5 hrs at a time thing and doing it 4 days in a row thing. Cos I'm so tired and my legs hurt so much. My knees. And I have to say this is just really really boring to basically pace around a room checking the. Anyways I'm hosting probably all through the weekend. ___ myself saying I might do some slides to describe of items with art. ___ any pictures. But if you could reason to describe them like this giant euricon(?) that's pasted on the wall. I think it's made from a goat. But I'm not really sure and I don't wanna look at it too closely”

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