August 30th, 2008

Ruby Slippers

Pant pant pant *yawn*

I really will have to catch up with posting tomorrow, but for now:

...working at the D*C art show was really tiring and boring. 3 more days?!

...did see some cool art... and some hilariously bad art.

...excited Kristina and Lot Six are coming tomorrow.

...excited about the D*C parade in the morning.

...saw a great movie tonight, Das Experiment, based on the Stanford Prison Experiment.


...the kitties are playing nice.
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Voice Post

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“Well, it is day 2 and actually I find something really horrible back spasms I had this morning which I think were largely due to working my shift yesterday like standing up for 5 hours and then just not stretching right and not having the right shoes. That's bad but I had to drink can Coolade(?) this morning I shot some videos which I'm gonna edit later and then my very good friend Christina flew in from Philadelphia this morning and she's staying at my place. We played with my kitten and then went to lunch and then her friend brought 6 jokes from Alabama. Edd is also staying at my place she's sought of crashing. Then we all went over to drink and I am about half way through my shift to the art show. I'm much happier here today than I was yesterday. It was just really slow yesterday and there was no bids and was really quiet and today they have like some loud music and lots of bids and lots of people. It looks more interesting and I've also tried to gear myself better. I wore sneakers and deliberately like stretching out and kinda doing. So my back isn't as messed up it did yesterday. I really hope I don't have this spasms again cos that freaked me out. Alrighty I'll check in later”

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