September 1st, 2008

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End o'Con Post

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“Well, Dragon*Con is over for me and for just about everybody else. I am almost home. I finished my 20 hours of work with the Art Show and I was invited to go to the Dead Dog party for all the volunteers, but I really just wanted to go home and lay in my own bed and play with my kitten and eat dinner.

So I said thanks but no thanks -- and the same thing for working for the art show next year. It was good. I mean I wouldn't I didn't have a problem with any of the people there, but it it actually was just really too much work and too many hours. Especially blocked hours together.

I would much rather do something where I can just put in like an hour here, an hour there and especially something where you really only work 12 hours and they just pad the rest out. Cos that's what I've always done before. Our directors just use us as they needed us and then they said you know whatever -- when we don't need you, go do your own thing and then we'll just fill it out. They made it look like you worked 20 hours.

So yeah that's really working 20 hours and you couldn't be just like sitting there, you actually had to be like walking around, or carrying stuff or circling stuff and. So it was a lot a work and all unpaid. And I could've just paid $75 or even $35 in advance and gone to Dragon*Con.

So next year either I'm gonna find another track or or something to work for. Like maybe Disability Services... or I could just like not be staff for a year and just enjoy it. I might do that.

I just really didn't feel like I could enjoy anything and I didn't get to go to any panels at all except for the one panel that I was actually on as a speaker. So that was my con and now I'm going to collapse.”

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