September 4th, 2008


Ajax and Luckie

My postings have been rather sporadic lately, but since today's workday seems very less crazy, I think I will be catching up today.

First a post on the kitties!

Latest news is that this morning Ajax had his first check-up with my vet, Dr. Fowler at Inman Animal Hospital and all went well. He traveled much better than Luckie, no yowling, and loved meeting all the people, cats and dogs in the waiting room. Dr. Fowler let me ask questions and gave me advice on feeding two cats and on helping Ajax get rid of his hairball. He also got his rabies shot, distemper shot and the FL shot. The only thing that came out wrong was that he has some tapeworms in his poo, but the doctor said that'll pass on its own. He has to get another FL treatment in three weeks so they'll check then. Oh, and while they didn't give me a weight measurement, they did verify that he's got Maine Coon in him and will likely be a big boy. I'd say he's around 5 lbs. already, at est. 4 mo.

In more general news, Ajax is thriving at home. He has a great disposition -- happy-go-lucky, gregarious, social, friendly, outgoing. Doesn't seem to be very wary about anything, not rattled by loud noises, strange situations or people. He just sort of plops himself into the middle of whatever comes. He loves cuddling and is a total lap cat. He has also rapidly learned how to share the bed with me compatibly. He's crazy with playing -- to him *everything* is a toy, including clothes, lint, Post-It notes, pens, books, whatever. He is very interested in the guinea pigs and harasses them, but they can defend themselves so I'm not worried. I think he will grow bored with them, as he's already grown bored with the bird.

On Sunday night the boys came over with their kittens for a "play date" and that went very well. Daniel has a very confident, very tiny little girl named Cththulu, who bossed the other two kittens around. Ajax got along with her fine. Caleb's girl, Phoebethia, was more interested in scoping out my apt. and the guinea pigs. But they all got along great. We want them to be well socialized with one another. (Pictures pending, BTW.)

Now the big news, and one people familiar with my home situation will be surprised by, is that LUCKIE actually seems to like Ajax and they are getting along great. The slow introduction helped, as did the way I was sure to give her "alone time" and have kept up my affection for her, so she knows I'm still there. But anyway, yeah, starting over the weekend, they are no longer separated and are getting along. They are chasing one another around in a healthy, playful way, playing the cat version of "tag," will lie near me in the same room, sleep under my office chair together as I work, etc. They share the litterbox, no problem at all. Last night they played with the "red dot machine" (automated laser-pointer gizo) together. I think once Luckie realized that Ajax is 1) a boy, 2) goofy, 3) smaller and dumber than her, and 4) non-aggressive, she chilled out. She spends a lot of time gazing at him amusedly, like "That silly cat!" She's not growling or hissing any more. She lets me pet her and hops on the bed to say hi even when Ajax is there.

I am so happy Luckie has a friend and that I have such a nice new kitten.
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From What Privileges Do You Have?, based on an exercise about class and privilege developed by Will Barratt, Meagan Cahill, Angie Carlen, Minnette Huck, Drew Lurker, Stacy Ploskonka at Illinois State University. If you participate in this blog game, they ask that you PLEASE acknowledge their copyright. (Updated 2008 version below, from Step into Social Class 2)

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One of the big lessons I got out of college was the realization that most people didn't come from a family or town with all the privileges I did. I thought every town had a huge community services dept. with free classes in everything, a library with free museum passes, parents with graduate degrees, etc. I learned quickly to keep my mouth shut and not mention where I came from. I did get over it eventually though.</lj>

Ajax: Ow!

The vet warned me Ajax might be sore from his shots today. I guess he is, because I came home to a very whiny, sore kitten. I knew something was up when he wasn't at the door to greet me and then took five minutes to get himself up from under my desk. Then when I picked him up to cuddle him, he screamed and hissed and had a fit. He's never hissed or screamed like that -- it was definitely an "Ow!" He doesn't seem to want his tummy touched at all and he seems kind of withdrawn. He's curled up in Luckie's old cat bed right now. I'll keep an eye on him. If he's not better again by Sat., I'll take him in.

EDIT: Since he didn't appear to have eaten all day, I brought Ajax a little bit of canned food, which he ate *in* the cat bed, hospital style. Afterward he got up and walked a few feet before lying down next to my shoes. He's dozing now. Yep, he feels rather crappy at the moment. Luckie came up to him, looking concerned. Poor kid.

EDIT 2: After a little more food, Ajax got enough spark in him to follow me and climb up onto the bed, where he's now half-dozing. He is a little bit perkier and purring again, but clearly very tired or something. I mean, more than cats are in general.