September 5th, 2008


Up and running

Ajax seems recovered from his ailment of yesterday. He woke me up at 4, crawling all over me, licking my face and wanting to play. I entertained him briefly, then conked out again. In the morning proper, he was back, wanting all those things again. So cute. He and Luckie chased one another around for most of the time I was getting ready for work. When not doing that, Ajax was chasing and wrestling toys, like the tennis ball he dug up from under the couch. Luckie follows him around, sitting on the sidelines, watching with apparent amusement.

Correction: Cthulu

As my friend Rob has pointed out, Daniel's new kitten's name is CTHULU, not, as I have been putting it over and over, Cththulu. I place the blame for this squarely on Wraeththu. Not that Cththulu doesn't look cool!

Cat Wrestling

So when a little male cat flips an adult female cat on her back, pins her leg under her, chomps her on the neck, holding her down for 30 seconds, does that mean they're married?


This is the second night in a row Ajax has pulled this one. He looks ridiculous but it boosts his little ego. After the 30 seconds are up, Luckie grabs him and they start another round of tag.