September 6th, 2008


Bitty Pretty Kitty

This time last week, Ajax was still too wiggly for me to ge a good shot of him but now he has his "still" moments.

He sat still long enough for me to get a beauty shot.

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I also have a ton of pics from the last couple of days, Ajax and Luckie being cute together, even playing.

Wet Cat

Just gave Ajax his first bath. I don't regularly bathe cats, but he hadn't been washed since the shelter and was looking pretty dusty, so I gave it a go. He was none too pleased, but not as difficult as YinYang or Luckie. He's also just small enough that I can hold him down in the sink. One thing I found was that he is *not* a little skinny thing under the fluffy fur -- he's pretty darn solid under there. I also found it was hard to get him wet since he's got that thick Maine Coon fur. He soaked up a ton of water and it took a while to get him minimally dry. Right now he's in Luckie's sleeping cave, having bossed his way in there. Seems to be quite fond of me still, with his 1-min. memory and all, so in a couple of hours he should be more back to his poofy self.

Going to game night

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“It's Saturday night and I am walking to Ken's house for game night. It has been a pretty nice day. I had trouble sleeping because of the cats -- well mostly because of the kitten -- but I did finally wake up at 8:00 and I got dressed and biked with the boys over to this new bakery called Parishe's. It's very very good. It's like a a European or even like Montreal style pastry. They had the most delicious treats and it is very comfortable. The only problem is we biked and afterward I was so, little tired and red and sweaty that I basically passed out and I woke up a couple hours later. Then I gave the kitten a bath. He did not like it but he got dry very quickly. After that I went to Caleb's and he had baked bread. It was good. Now I'm going to play games and probably eat some junk food. Yay!”

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