September 7th, 2008

Happy Face

Cat Nap

Just had a nap. With the cats. One (Luckie) snuggled next to the pillow by my head, the other (Ajax) snuggled somewhere around my waist. I've snuck out of bed and they are both still napping away. I am just ecstatic at how well they've been getting along. Several times today they've played together (2-on-1, 1 being a toy) and they come up to one another with no resulting growling or hissing. Remarkably I seem to have picked the right cat for Luckie.
Happy Wen

Happy Cats

Here are the promised Happy Cats pictures. I know these are kind of mundane moments but it means a lot to me that Luckie is able to actually be happy and relaxed around another animal. I'd say she gets along with Ajax better than she does with Daniel, who she's known since she was a kitten.

On the Bed 1

Luckie maintains her dignity

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