September 8th, 2008


OK, this dream was weird

So overnight I had this very detailed dream about being coerced into a shotgun wedding to this girl Lisa Campbell who was in my church growing up. And she left me standing at the altar!


In the dream I was a grown-up but staying at my parents old house in Andover. Somehow they proposed the marriage and everybody agreed it made sense. A few times I said "Wait, Lisa is a woman" but everybody brushed that aside. I even remember getting worried at one point, since I haven't seen Lisa in years. What if she had turned ugly? What if I had been secretly set up to marry her brother Brent, who is a no-good troublemaker?

There was an elaborate dress rehearsal the day before, held at my parents' house, since the wedding was to be at home. Lisa showed up for it and things went pretty well. I had an amazing dress and musicians and artisans had been hired. Lots of relatives were there. But then the next day, we got all geared up for a 3 p.m. wedding and Lisa was a no-show. Further, nobody (including me) had her phone number to call and ask where she was. So I was all dressed up, with all the relatives and musicians and fuss, but no... bride? groom?

Then I started thinking maybe nobody had bothered to tell Lisa the time of the wedding. I kept trying to tell somebody, like Mom, that maybe we should just wait a while and Lisa would show up, but they were all like "Nevermind, at least you get to keep the dress."

What does this all mean?
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Like Olbermann, I'm biased, but...

...I'm not supposed to be a news anchor, so passing on a few articles and op/ed pieces on Palin:

Sarah Palin's 9 Most Disturbing Beliefs

Palin and McCain’s Shotgun Marriage

Sen. McGain's Big Decision


Got my hair done at Supercuts today over the lunch hour. My stylist, in contrast to the one I had last time there, wasn't very competent, but the cut is OK. The stylist talked in a voice like that Droopy Dog cartoon character and every 30 sec. kept comparing my head to the picture I'd picked out from the sample cuts book. Did not inspire confidence. But hey, $18 haircut, what do I want? My hair is now nearly entirely natural color. I should take a picture b/c almost nobody outside my family has a clue what my real hair color is. (It's a kind of mousy brown / dirty blond if it gets sun. I prefer just about any other color.)

Meanwhile, the soft rock station playing in the salon has implanted a bunch of overlapping 1980s earworms including "Livin' on a Prayer." It came on while I was getting my shampoo and I had to work to suppress a giggle, didn't want water going down my ear.


If anybody reading this does Twitter, I've been on it for a month now I think. It's still kind of an experiment, trying to see how useful it is (and it has been), but I am using it regularly. Sometime soon I'm writing a piece about it for my tech blog. I'm wcdarling. "Follow" me and I may follow you back!