September 13th, 2008

sideview, obamame_sideview


Those pics of Houston post-Ike look pretty much just like Atlanta post-tornado -- busted out skyscraper windows, lots of glass, mangled signs, bits of trees and garbage where they shouldn't be. Of course in Atlanta the damage was concentrated in small pockets (2-3 places downtown, Cabbagetown, East Atlanta) whereas I'm assuming that damage is all over Houston and areas for counties all around.


Here are some updates from this week:

1. Caleb is going to Italy.
Tomorrow he embarks on his first ever trip to Rome, city of his dreams. He is going to OD on Ancient Roman stuff. Rome, Ostia Antica and Pompeii. And his grandmother's hometown in Calabria and a little town on the Amalfi coast. For most of the trip he's traveling with one of his aunts and some friends of hers. I think he's going to have a wonderful trip. Meanwhile: More guilt-free nap time for me.

2. Ajax loves everyone.
Semi-scientific testing has revealed that Ajax gets along with everybody -- cat, human, whatever. He gets along especially well with little Cthulu, Daniel's puffy little orange tabby. They had a "play date" last night and had fun. He's been over Caleb's too and seems to be right at home. Now not that the other cats like him, but he is Mr. Oblivious and will just blunder up to any animal, get swatted at, hissed at, and just say "Wanna play?" dadi, I know you can picture this :)

3. Still not sleeping.
Ajax is cute but annoying overnight. Last night was like sleeping in a blender -- must've woke up like 20 times. The funniest time was when I woke up to Ajax sleeping just behind my head on the pillow, grooming my hair. At 3 a.m. or something. Now when I took a nap this afternoon, he didn't wake me up at all and lay peacefully next to me... but at night he has the devil in him!

4. Work going awesome.
So earlier this week I officially got my new title and found out the size of my raise. This further motivated me to be uber-productive and decisive. I produced a really nice audio slide show, for example, and spoke authoritatively on the new web site roll-out. I felt charmed all week.

5. House slightly messy but still clean.
My place has been clean since May 10 (yes, I know the date) but it's been slipping a little bit since the kitten. Mostly it's the dishes, the guinea pig cage and the floor. And now there's a pile of clean laundry on the floor. Am trying to face up to today. Did the dishes just down, which meant facing barf-o-rific smells. Ew. Where is my maid Rosie?

6. Food.
I went grocery shopping Mon. or Tues. night, strained my arms and legs hauling it all home. But now I have food. Cooked a bunch of good meals this week: tomato and okra stew, sauerkraut and (vegie) kielbasa, (fake) chicken-coconut-yam curry.

7. Henna.
The henna job I got on my hand during Dragon*Con has faded off. However, a kit is in the meail and I found a whole set of amazing free henna guides online. There are background books, pattern books, books by geography, occasion, etc. I like the N. African styles the best -- very geometric. I've started practicing some of the basic sketches, like zigzags and "The Game." I think once I get the kit I will experiment on my feet before my hands.

8. BBQ Tomorrow
Amanda & Lee are having a BBQ at their place tomorrow. Outworlders party. I haven't figured out how I will get there yet, but I should be able to work something out. At the very least I can ride MARTA up to Doraville and just call for somebody to come pick me up.

9. Spaceballs
Watched it this afternoon, first time in a log time. Once again, my favorite joke is simply the maid named Dot Matrix. One of the sublest jokes in a very unsubtle movie.

10. Muppet Show
I finally got through Season 1 and frankly, that was enough. I never thought I'd get tired of it, but I did. I think that show should be watched once a week, rather than 3 eps in a row. That said, my favorite guest stars were Vincent Price, Rita Moreno and Ethel Merman. I also love all the experimental puppets. The one Muppet I really don't like, which has always been true, is Miss Piggy.

And I think that is all for now.