September 14th, 2008

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Through Philip Pullman, amen

Finally finished reading His Dark Materials. Good riddance. I mean, overall, grade B-, but not something I'll ever read again. Even when I was reading it, I didn't want to be, but sort of got dragged through just by the suspense. I will now read something I like.

Luckie & Ajax

Cat and kitten continue to get along well. They spent a lot of time tonight playing tag / sneak attack on one another. They both zonked out after an hour or two of that. It's nice because there isn't a consistent winner. Ajax is friskier, but Luckie is faster and more precise. One of the funniest things is when Ajax jumps out from behind somewhere, flying in the air like a furry ninja, only to miss Luckie completely :)

Despite her expression, Luckie did not whip around and kill Ajax.

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I'm quite entertained.