September 15th, 2008


I know it's Monday, but...

So I went out briefly in search of lunch and was frustrated in various annoying ways I won't describe. Finally I did get it, at which point I noticed that I'm itching and smarting all over. It feels like I've been stung by insects or have broken out in hives, only I see no evidence of that. I just feel it. So apparently now I have invisible creepy crawly syndrome. I swear, I could use a baking soda bath around now, I'm so itchy-jumpy.

One hour later: Still itching, esp. on my scalp, neck and shoulders. No rash though. Hmmm.

Three hours later: Getting better, but I still feel it.
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When I get home, I am so taking some kind of antihistamine. Sheesh. I don't care of it's the kind that makes me sleepy or the kind that makes me wired. I eeeetch and now have that same sort of feeling I've had after major bug bites. Only I'm not red, puffed up, rashy or anything that would indicate an actual allergic shock or anything. I just feel like my skin has become hyper-sensitized. Yet there's no evidence of it.

Animal Behavior

Some bits of animal behavior to describe:

1) Luckie has suddenly figured out how to open my clothes armoire, for the purpose of burrowing inside. Previously she only went in there if I'd left the door open (often, back when this place was a sty) but over the weekend she made a leap. At first I wasn't sure if the door was just opening itself or whatever, but then I saw her go up to the closed doors, stick her paw in the gap and pull open the one side. Then she sneaks in amid the clothes and snuggles in on top of a box of athletic clothes and nighties. She goes on the side with the door closed, so she's basically gone somewhere warm, safe and dark. This is her break from Ajax, LOL.

2) Ajax is such a little beggar. He cries for food naturally but what's funny is how he cries for food *while* he's eating. I'll fill his bowl and he'll cry while he's look at it, eat some, then run around looking for, I suppose, something *better*. He coils around my ankles bleating like a goat, gives up, has a little more food, then comes back. It takes him 15 min. to eat his little 1/4 cup of food. And afterward he bleats more, hunts around the floor and in the piggies' cage for more food, tries to get food off my plate, and generally acts like he is starving. He carries on like a dog, if you ask me. However, he's not getting spoiled, I assure you. He gets cold turkey and a lot of distractions, so he eventually forgets what he was going on about.

3) Do kittens teethe? I ask because Ajax is chewing on all kinds of stuff, which I don't remember Luckie ever doing. Weird things, like paper, cardboard, leather shoe straps, etc. The other day he got hold of a postcard I was using as a bookmark and chewed all the corners, rolled around with it even. All the corners were marked with little fang holes. Meanwhile he is currently missing one of his bottom fangs, so I assume that is a baby tooth he lost and the new tooth will come in? His teeth look a lot healthier than Luckie's ever were, probably raised on way better food. (Luckie's back legs are very crooked, a malnutrition thing, I've read.)

4) Double you fun! When I come home, I have a ritual now of going to my bed and taking care of both the cats. I used to do this with Luckie but I've brought Ajax into it. Luckie jumps up first, looking for a long petting session, back rub, ear rub, etc., and then Ajax comes up. Today I "serviced" both of them at once and they were both in bliss. Eventually they sat down next to one another, all glowy and happy. Then Ajax started going after Luckie's twitching tail end, but hey, that led to more chase-play, so it was all good.

How to check your stereo speakers

Think your speakers are f'd up, like one of them's not working? Pop in a Beatles album and voila, you can tell straight off. Vocal track missing? The speaker IS broken! LOL. I've been meaning to jiggle with my left speaker and then tonight I was going through various mid-60s Beatles tracks and half the tracks were missing. Like "Rain" with awesome backing vocals and no lyrics, "Lady Madonna" that ALL piano, etc. So I jiggled the wires on both ends, didn't find anything, and then went ahead and just jiggled and poked at the speaker. It made sputtering noises, some kind of loose wire, and I poke it until it settled. Then BANG! the wonder of stereo. Now if I want to do Beatles karaoke, I just have to poke that speaker again.
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