September 16th, 2008


Me me me meow!

10 Ways Ajax Just Tried to Stop
Me Doing My Crossword in Bed

1. Block view of puzzle book.
2. Chew up puzzle book.
3. Sit on the puzzle book.
4. Chew up bookmark.
5. Tug on necklace.
6. Tug on earrings.
7. Tug on bow on blouse.
8. Sit on puzzle book.
9. Threaten to have a hairball on puzzle book.
10. Threaten to have a hairball on cleavage.

Currently he is attempting to thwart this post as well.
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The Atlanta Experience: Caleb's Bldg.

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“The Atlanta Experience.

Well I haven't recorded one in a while and the moment is me actually going over to Caleb's place to take care of his cats. He lives in a 4-story building. There are actually 2 buildings that make up his building. There connected by a catwalk in the middle of the block and the 2 buildings are at diagonal sides and I'm taking the stairs. There is an elevator and I usually take it, but I felt like this would invigorate me a little bit.

Anyways, I'm in this building and I think it was built in 2000, and it's funny because I remember what this block looked like before this was built. There was like an office supply shop and just like a parking lot. Caleb actually has the picture.

One day I think when he was finishing up grad school, I think he was doing a report about new real estate downtown. Or real estate near the park, and he decided to pretend to be a prospective buyer in this building. But it turned out he really wanted to buy it!

So he did and he moved in 7 years ago and I've been going to his place for 7 years and I'm about to been at my place for 7 years. I'm just at his door. I'm gonna go visit his cats and do some house cleaning. Bye.”

Transcribed by: wiebke

Spare Me

I'm feeling really tired of the news lately, so I'm going to make tomorrow a news-free day. Even news junkies get over it.
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Decided, apropos of nothing, that while Caleb is away I'll devote time to brushing up on piano. I have a lovely piano, a digital deal with real true-touch and true-sound, bought in the dark ages when I was flush with cash, but I rarely play it. Go figure. But it's not that I can't. I can!

Anyway, rather than the usual feat of dragging out some of my favorite pieces (I habitually play Strauss waltzes) I've decided to go through my grade school piano books. I have the whole John Schaum set up to Book E, then a whole bunch of other books with various themes and composers. Last night and tonight I went through Book A. That was fun. I sight-read my way through and most of the time, didn't make any mistakes. A couple of songs were harder because they're more "exercises" than songs but I just did those over and over until I got through.

Anyway, Book B is out. That will probably take 3-4 days. After that things will slow down but I'll push on. I'm thinking that one thing I can do now that I have my raise is finally take piano lessons at GSU School of Music, which is right across the street. They have a whole program where all kinds of individual and group lessons are available to the community at reasonable rates. If I brush up on things over this fall, it won't be so embarrassing when I go in a have to face and piano teacher. I won't have to start in Book A either!