September 18th, 2008

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Don't anyone worry, Pell is so used to it... she keeps right on eating. She knows the cats can't get her (and they can't).


Meanwhile that's Ajax/Harry on top, Luckie on the floor, even though she *looks* like the kitten in the pic. One day she's going to be so dwarfed, though. The boy is growing like kudzu.


There's been a ton of construction going on in this building all year -- it's why our dept. moved to the third floor through next Feb. -- but I was still surprised when this morning, there was banging right under my feet. Apparently somebody is doing something to pipes or metal beams in the lobby ceiling... something that involve whacking them with a wrench! It's quite percussive. My co-worker looked over at me and say "What you doing over there?" It sounded to her like I was kicking my computer or banging on some drums. But no. Anyway, it's stopped for now, but I bet it'll be back.
sideview, obamame_sideview

Dusk on MARTA

Taken from the (as usual) disgusting elevator at the south side of Inman Park - Reynoldstown MARTA Station. Naturally this is *not* the Inman Park side. Through the grime and graffiti you can see the freight rail line (there's a huge freight yard off to the left), the MARTA tracks and the steeple of the old stone church in Inman Park. Far in the distance you can see the Bank of America tower in Midtown.

Dusk on MARTA

Caleb and I actually had our first apt. only a couple hundred from where this was shot. It was perfect -- our street dead-ended into the MARTA station. Some people thought it was a "scary" place to live (and nobody would do delivery "south of the tracks" at that time) but really it wasn't. In recent years the whole area has changed massively for the better, with the arrival of a very useful shopping center just around the corner. I go there quite often for the Petco and every time I walk back it's nostalgia time for the days of our awesome 2-br. $450/mo. apt.

My Barack Obama

OMG, that web site is insanely addicting, like Facebooks Goes Political. The team behind that sucker is full of win. Seriously cool. All it took was one person in my network Twittering about a rally in Decatur this Sunday and I went on, signed up, joined the site, joined a bunch of local groups, invited friends, and even volunteered to host a debate party next Friday night. If you haven't gone already, go to ! Oh, and if you are a member / join, search on me and we can connect.

This is Wendy Darling and I approved this message.
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As of this Sunday, Caleb will have known one another...


That's approaching on half our entire lives! So much has changed. Like he used to have a Wal-Mart fetish and I used to tuck my shirts into my underwear. So much has stayed the same. Like I still love milk and he's still obsessed with maps.

Sunday I will have to remember to write the 50 Reasons It's Like We're Married post I've wanted to do for so long. Along with a 50 Reasons I'm Glad We're NOT Married post ;)