September 20th, 2008


Not all bad

Head hurts. Kitten bugging me all night. Too much sun coming through window. Sore. Hungry.

BUT just got an amazing phone call from Caleb, who's in his grandmother's / ancestors' hometown in southern Italy. I'll leave it to him to tell the full story but WOW! is he now connected.

Now, shower. Then food. Then doing something with this lovely day.

Lazy lazy lazy Saturday

With Caleb still in Italy, I took the opportunity to have the ultimate lazy day, with no fear of guilt-tripping or anything else. Yes, I slept late, had several (!) naps and didn't do anything productive whatsoever. I didn't leave the apt. all day in fact. I did watch a movie (Witness for the Prosecution, which I somehow had never seen) and had some plum wine and spent a lot of time playing with the cats. But that's it! Yay. Considering my sleep has been disturbed by the kitten every night, I really needed the sleep.

Tomorrow Daniel and I are going out for breakfast. Taking the bus, which wouldn't be unusual, but this time we really *must*, since apparently none of the gas stations in town actually have any gas. (Daniel went looking to no avail and people in atlanta are reporting similar problems.) Afterward I am going to apply myself towards accomplishing some basic goals: 1) do dishes, 2) put away clean laundry, 3) enter receipts for the week, 4) take care of email. And if I can manage it, there's a recorder concert at Emory at 4 it might be nice to see.