September 23rd, 2008


The toothless baby

So I just pried open Ajax's mouth to see if his new bottom fang is coming in, only to discover that his other bottom fang is missing now, too. It must've just fallen out -- gums are still bleeding. I bet he lost it biting Luckie's neck. So he now only has the top fangs. I wonder if they re the adult ones? So he will now be teething even more than before! My shoes, books, clothes, bike tires -- still not safe! :)

Meanwhile Luckie is missing 6 out of 8 of the tiny teeth cats have between their fangs, i.e. the front teeth. It's kind of cute. Asked my vet about it, he said it was a little unusual for a young cat to go missing so many, but it could be a nutrition thing, going back to her kittenhood. He back legs are all crooked from nutrition so maybe her adult teeth formed crappily as well.

Still no gas

Doesn't affect me, but FYI world, still no gas to be had here in Atlanta. Companies are now telling workers to telecommute if they can and if they must, because people at this point are scouting gas monitoring sites, chat rooms, Twitter, etc., looking for rumors of gas anywhere. A coworker of mine has about 3/4 tank gas, says it'll last through the weekend, at which point hopefully some gas will start flowing. Meanwhile stations just have these big blank price signs up and all they're selling is cigarettes, lottery tickets, coffee and pork cracklins.