September 25th, 2008



Working at home this morning as I wait for my dishwasher to arrive. I am optimistic the phone will ring any minute now. Meanwhile wouldn't you know that this morning, of all mornings, I have all these things that need to be done at work. I can do most of them from here, but some critical ones, not. I really need to get IT to set me up with remote desktop access. Gah.

Cat stuff

Ajax is under my chair snoozing. He has definitely established himself as an under-chair kitty. If I am here, he is there under the chair. There's a little mini oriental rug under there so it's perfect cat territory.

Meanwhile he continues to have a huge appetite and is growing fast. I'm sure he's put on a couple of pounds, so make him a 7-pounder at 4 mo. He's going to the vet tomorrow for his FL booster and I'll have his weight checked officially.

He and Luckie continue to get along swell. When I get home from work they are fine both coming up to me and lying next to one another as I pet them. They are often in the same room. They do spend about 1/2 their time playing chase-and-pin games but they are definitely having a good time. Ajax is really good at pinning Luckie down, despite the size disadvantage. But of course she can whip him off and around in a second when she's ready to.

One other observation: Luckie seems to be acting more and more like a "normal" cat now. As in, when she's walking around the living room, she doesn't act like some kind of preternatural ghost cat demon who could turn screaming banshee at any second. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I think she's a cool if paranoid crazy cat, but I do think she's mellowed a bit.

Upgrade Craziness

Is it just me, or do all software updates show up at the same time? Yesterday I got home and was prompted to update my McAfee suite, Firefox and the entire WinXP OS (massive security upgrade). So I did that, restarting and waiting an hour for it to come through. Then today I got in to the work computer and was prompted to upgrade Firefox and Adobe. Oh, and Entourage says my Exchange DB is broken. And I had to spend 20 min. fighting with Entourage. Hey, I just want to get back to work.