September 26th, 2008



OK, my question is, clip art, soft porn or did somebody actually commission this pic?

Reminds of the "Dick in a Box" video...

Harry Update and My Fun New Sleep Schedule

Harry's* follow-up vet appt. went great. In 3 weeks he's managed to go from 4.9 to 6.25 lbs. He'll be 10 ls. by Christmas, I bet, and a year from now, who knows?!

Meanwhile my little buddy was so relaxed in the office, even with yapping dogs and strange people. I just handed him over to the vet tech, no carrier or anything, and he went off without a fuss. He really does have a great disposition.

Last night I went through yet another night of cat interruptions:

2:30 - Harry decides it's time to lie on my face. After 5 min., I put him in the other room.
3:30 - Luckie makes some noise opening up the clothes armoire, wakes me up.
4:30 - Luckie has a hairball or something, big choking fit. I let her into the other room.
5:30 - I wake up all restless, go to sleep on the couch. Harry not allowed to sleep on me.
7:15 - Sun is up, cats are awake, playing and whining.

This is pretty much how every night goes!

Harry wakes me up around 2 or 3, climbing on my face. I can't possibly sleep with him on my face, so I snuggle a bit and then put him in the other room. A couple of hours later, Luckie needs to go use the litter box and wakes me up. I let her out and go to bed. Then something wakes up around 4 or 5 and I can't sleep in the bed, so I move to the couch. Luckily Harry isn't inclined to sleep on me there -- too busy playing with Luckie. Meanwhile the guinea pigs hear me telling them to shut up and start squeaking. Gah! I don't know how or if this cycle is ever going to end.

* Yes, going with a new name, though Ajax is a nickname. Should do a Harry icon.