September 30th, 2008

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Mental health, money and cats

Time to catch up on RL stuff:

New Therapist, New Center

Yesterday I went in to the Emory psych clinic where I get my treatment. They have a new, much nicer and convenient location, and I also have a new therapist, now that my old one has moved on. Like him, she's a resident. Since it was our first time talking, she went put me through an "intake" interview, asking me all sorts of questions about my history, current state of mind, basic stuff like do I have friends, do I think about killing myself ever, etc. Then the supervising doc came in and she summarized me ("34-year-old white female with moderate depression...") She did a good job. Two things came out of the appt.: 1) prescribed a CBC blood test b/c they want to see if I have anemia, as I think I do, and 2) my new therapist is willing to discuss relationship/dating issues with me. (When she asked if I was in a relationship or had been, I was like "Um, no, and that's a whole separate issue...") So, blood test and weird conversations with therapist upcoming!

Blood Day

Today I'm scheduled to donate blood over at the hospital, but I figure I should do my CBC today, too, since the lab is across the street -- and I don't want to do the test after I've given blood, since a pint will be missing. Does that really matter? Who knows, but I may as well get the blood test over with.

Pay Day

So today I got my first paycheck that reflects my new salary and the fact I get paid monthly instead of every 2 weeks, with amount set by the hours worked. I am very pleased with the amount and feel that I am well on my way to fixing my finances, which have been ruined for the past 3-4 years.


Obligatory kitten note: I was so happy last night with Harry and Luckie. I spent an hour or so reading on the couch -- with Luckie snoozing on the back of the couch and Harry out cold in my lap. Awwww. Can't ask for more! Meanwhile the cats continue to play roughhouse with one another. Harry is amazingly aggressive and pretty ambitious, which allows him to pin down Luckie a lot easier than you'd think. Of course, Luckie is master of the take-down -- lightning fast flick of the paw and Furball is pinned down, then sent flying across the floor. But then they just keep playing. They share toys now, too, and are very interested in one another's butts and faces. They are total buds.

There is more to be written, but for now, lunch and blood tests beckon.

Tearing down old dorms

2-3 old dorms are being torn out right behind my building -- because Emory must continue to renovate every single building in our area, Big Dig style, for at least the next 10 years.

Tearing down old dorms

One cool thing is that they're actually recycling the materials from the old buildings, removing roof timbers one by one, saving all the terra cotta roof tiles, etc. And dorms will be replaced with dorms that follow the model of the dorm that just opened last year -- LEED-certified.
Yip Yips

Who Comments

I haven't done this in a while, let's see the tally...

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Man, that makes me a little wistful, as I see some names on there of folks I'm not in touch with anymore.

Keyboard woes

I've posted before about how my laptop's keyboard is wearing out. It isn't just that the letters are missing off half a dozen keys, which I expect, but that the keys are actually eroding: they're concave like ancient stone steps! One of them, A, has a crack in it now, so I swear it's going to cave in a year from now. WTF? I type a lot, its true, but wearing through a key? Never happened before. I wonder if Gateway would want to know about this.

BTW, the keys that are entirely or mostly missing are:

W E A S D K L C V B N M , . (mostly the left hand)