October 1st, 2008


Dog Cat

They say Maine Coons are rather dog-like, and so they are.

To use Harry as an example:

- Plays fetch
- Carries around my dirty socks
- Fetches balled-up socks (clean or dirty)
- Chews on shoes
- Likes the dog toys I got him
- Likes tennis balls

That and he's damn ungainly in a very puppy-like way. I guess he's like I was, growing so fast. He has relative bad coordination for a cat and is constantly botching his jumps, tripping over himself, etc. Luckie has always been very precise, whereas he is just so over-eager and goofy, it's hysterical.
sideview, obamame_sideview

Devil's Advocate on Project Runway

I seriously loved Kenley's outfit on Project Runway tonight. I think it *does* look botanical, just not in the frilly, soft flower way, and I would totally wear it (if I were shaped like a pencil). Jarel's dress had great colors but I hated the boobs and the whole thing was a bag. And the other two gowns were cliche prom gowns. Ick! Kenley's outfit, OK, kind of says reptile... mermaid... cactus... but it *saying* something and it's flattering! Ah, well, time to see who won. I can't quite guess.